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Mobile devices and computers are an integral part of an employee’s personal and professional communication. Genius Concierge gives the employee solutions that reduces tech stress and cost, giving them peace of mind.  

As part of the Genius Client Device Program, Genius Clients’ employees receive many if not all the same benefits as the Company.   The Genius Concierge Blue is an employee-based device service portal where employees have access to device accessories, repairs, financing, device protection, lifetime protection, and lifetime warranty on repairs all while receiving the same 10% discount as their company.  

Genius Business Repair Solutions


In-Store Discounts

Employees receive discounts on most services and devices including: Accessories, Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Tablets.


Device Repair

The Genius Device repair program offers the same BEST in class service of their employers. Same discount, parts, and service.

genius concierge

Genius Concierge


Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on parts and labor on all Genius Repairs.


Mail-in Repair

All Employees have access to the same mail in repair portal as their Employee. Making pick-up and drop off stress free and convenient.


Genius Surplus

Genius Surplus is an online refurbished device.



Genius CPR has a location near you.

What are Concierge Benefits

genius concierge

Concierge Benefits

These are timesaving services that employees balance their personal and work lives. The employer usually covers the cost of the concierge while employees are responsible for the actual expenses for the service.

Why Concierge Benefits

There are only so many activities individuals can accomplish by themselves without feeling overburdened, stressed out and straining your business and/or family life. If you are a corporation, small business, professional, busy parent, new mother or senior use personal concierge services to free up your day to save time and money.

How Employees Benefit from Concierge Services

less stress

Less Stress

Imagine your employees have multiple personal tasks to complete this week on top of a detailed project at work. The mounting pressure from needing to complete all of the to-dos can really take a toll on them mentally. If a few tasks, such as picking up dry cleaning and getting an oil change, could be completed by a concierge, an instant weight would be lifted off of their shoulders.

More Time

Less stress is a great benefit on its own, but a concierge service also saves an employee time. Instead of spending time during lunch, after work or on the weekends running errands, a concierge service allows employees to take a break and have more time to focus on what matters to them.


Employees also benefit from vendor discounts offered by the concierge service. Concierges build relationships with vendors in the community, securing discounts and saving customers money. In addition to decreased stress and more time, employees value the savings realized from having a concierge service assist them.

Why Work With Us


Intelligent Genius Certified Technicians


Years of Knowledgeable BEST-in-Class Service


Data security & confidentiality is a priority


Trusted source for all your technology solutions

Genius Tech Solutions

Our Company

Genius Tech Solutions

We are an established provider of Device and Electronic Repair, Refurbish and Recycle. Our BEST-in-class service focus on the monetary and environmental aspects of device management.


To Our Customers

  • Promote economic achievable device management programs
  • Provide professional assessment of device repairs, reuse, and recycling opportunities
  • Committed to timely delivery of services


To Our Environment

  • Strive to conserve natural resources
  • Target of 100% repair, reuse, recycle of electronic devices and e-waste
  • Conduct client and customer conservation awareness program

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