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Repair Services

Genius Technicians are trained, tested, and certified to repair a wide range of electronic devices used by businesses every day including iPhones, iPads, Android Devices, Drones, Bar Code Scanners, Laptops, Computers, and more.    

Whether your business drops off or mail-in devices, our experienced BEST-In-Class service is the standard in device repair and service. 


Mail-In Repair

Genius Mail-In Software Portal is a SIMPLE tool for IT professionals to use for remote employee device repair including, but not limited to, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.   

Genius Mail-In has a simple screen flow designed to deliver devices for express repairs by trained technicians. 


Schedule Repair

Efficiently schedule repairs and recycling pickups through Genius Device Tracker Portal.  

Batch device processing allows IT to register single or multiple repairs, then track them from UPS carrier pickup through repair, all the way to final invoicing.   Repair Tracker allows IT to know a repair is requested, is in transit, has been repaired, and is being returned.  


Data Destruction

Genius offers a wide range of data destruction options.  Our team will offer a data security consultation, balancing business security needs with internal budgeting. 


Recycle Program

Genius accepts most electronic devices for recycling, breaks down devices and recycles the components through one of our multiple certified recyclers and R2 vendors.  Additionally, your Genius Account Manager offers consultation on whether an item can be reused, repurposed, refurbished, or recycled.   

Recycling is picked up in batches at little to no cost and evaluated for value.  Genius Tech Solutions sends a proposal listing the batch items as reusable, repairable or recyclable with option to accept or decline. 


Genius Concierge

Mobile device, laptops, and tablets are an integral part of employees professional and personal life.  When personal devices fail, they stress.    

Genius Concierges Reduces Tech Stress by offering your employees corporate repair services and discounts.  We take care of your business’s most valuable resource.


Lifetime Warranty

Genius Clients receive a lifetime repair and labor warranty. We stand behind our products and services. 


Genius Surplus

Genius Surplus is an evolving online resource for devices, tablets, computers, parts, and IT equipment.



We continue to build a full line up of lowcost new, refurbished, and repurposed devices including iPhones, Androids, iPads, tablets, computers, and laptops locally available at our Genius CPR Retail Business HUBs.



Our Genius CPR Retail Business HUBs offer a wide range of mobile device and laptop accessories with a standard 10% business discount.


Local Presence

Genius CPR has Retail Business HUBs located in Indiana and Michigan.   Genius Clients have dedicated Small Business Managers and Account Managers.   Nationwide, we have CPR retail location franchise partners throughout the United States. We are prepared to coordinate repairs and recycling across the US. 

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Genius Tech Solutions

Our Company

Genius Tech Solutions

We are an established provider of Device and Electronic Repair, Refurbish and Recycle. Our BEST-in-class service focus on the monetary and environmental aspects of device management.


To Our Customers

  • Promote economic achievable device management programs
  • Provide professional assessment of device repairs, reuse, and recycling opportunities
  • Committed to timely delivery of services


To Our Environment

  • Strive to conserve natural resources
  • Target of 100% repair, reuse, recycle of electronic devices and e-waste
  • Conduct client and customer conservation awareness program

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